Kolhapuri Chappal Kolhapur


Stylish Chappal

Kolhapuri Chappals are world far-famed. There are 3 major styles of Kolhapuri Chappals 1) Kolhapuri 2) Kapashi 3) Dongari. the primary sort of chappals is formed in Kolhapur. These chappals are made up of processed animal skin. For this buffalo leather is employed. These chappals are stout, sturdy, day-long usable. These chappals are very hip in close to rural areas. Hotel Woodland is the best hotel in Kolhapur near Mahalaxmi Temple.

A leather foot-wear created out of particularly chrome tanned leather, its straps created with circumstantially woven leather threads, adorned with stunning tassels created out of leather and a few colored artificial threads, easy to wear, light-weight and leisures in wearing this footwear are world far-famed. other qualities of Kolhapuri chappals also are available, however, these are modern varieties. The higher part of the shoe is formed of attractive processed leather. however, the lower half i.e. sole is formed from rubber sheets. this kind of chappal is given to customers as Kolhapuri chappals aren't actual Kolhapuri chappal. Have the most ostentatious stay at our beautiful and stunning hotel in Kolhapur.

Kolhapuri chappal is sturdy, wish to use and sober in colors. It created type 100 pc Buffalo or Cow-calf leathers. it had been additionally available in all sizes and 3 colors oil, natural and polish. Free from all allergic properties. So light, so soft, so silky, so trim, that you just can wish to wear them anywhere. Special leather hand sewing and handmade punching. It enhances the wonder of your feet by means of extremely elaborate styles. it'll shield your feet and can offer relief rather than scalding. tight facility and stylish look of the work on the leather has made it one among the simplest. Hotel Sri Sri Executive serves the best food in their restaurant in Kolhapur hotels near the temple. This hotel in Kolhapur is one of the best hotels in Kolhapur and also has the best restaurant in Kolhapur near Mahalaxmi Temple which serves delicious and mouth-watering dishes.